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Playing with Space-time: Research through Outreach

Physicists explain how everything in the Universe works. Only the brightest of the bright kids ever get to do this kind of study full time.

I am not the brightest of the bright kids. My GPA at M.I.T. was 4.0 (they grade on a 5 point scale, so it does sound better than a B average). A fringe physicist does not have a job or degree in physics, but tries  to make a contribution anyway. The track record of fringe physicists is abysmal. Many fringe physicists think think for example they can show how Einstein't Special Relativity, the physics of going fast, is wrong.

I call myself the ultra-orthodox fringe, circa 1970. Special relativity is not wrong. Nor is quantum mechanics. In the 1970s, if I said I had a theory that needed 10 or 11 dimensions, but did not make any experimental predictions, I would have been dismissed.

My core idea starts in third grade where I learned to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers. Physics allows one to describe Nature using a collection of numbers in space-time. 
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