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per Help me keeping the fight against scamming.



For the last 3 years, we've been somewhat covering your back while you're surfing the web ( check here: ) by bringing awareness and contacting the ones that can actually eliminate the scams that plague the web.

We've been doing this with our own money without any financial return. Although DOWNYOURS.ORG is not a commercial endeavour (and it will never be), It's now at a point of extreme hardship regarding its online presence due to the inherent hosting expenses and *hourly* updating and respective uptime/load and dedication.

Nevertheless, so far, we know we've made a small difference to the web we all love and we will keep on making it.

But we need to do much more against those that are really eroding our liberties as a consequence of their selfish predatorial actions - the scammers and their malware - whoever they are. Be it for personal gain or worse.

Global scamming isn't "for the lolz" anymore.

And if some of you say "Patreon is for arts and artists", well, think again if I tell you that "Programming is an art form that fights back!"

And Indeed DOWNYOURS.ORG is also taking care of other kind of "artists".

But, like everyone else, we need help and guidance.

Thank you for your time,
unformatted and friends

PS: Speaking of 'art', take a look at this "masterpiece" that will help defend the tools you use for your art, the artists themselves and even 'art' by itself. Here:
$9 of $2,000 per Help me keeping the fight against scamming.
1) Assuring the domain fees for 3 more years.
2) Assuring the dedicated IP address fees for process security and legitimacy.
3) Assuring the contact (whois) privacy fees for personal security.
4) Assuring the hosting fees for 3 more years.
5) Geting a legit SSL/TLS certificate for the site.
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