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About Ciz dPhantomheart

Im Ciz, and I create a series of videos where I talk about all sorts of stuff (mostly video games) on the Internet. some INFORMATIVE, Some ENTERTAINING, but most of the time; a mix of BOTH.

I really enjoy creating content on youtube and it seems most of you love it as well.
from people looking for some TIPS and TRICKS on a game to people just looking to have fun.

My Main Series:
The "How to Play - A Beginners Guide is as series of videos where I try my best to give out a COMPLETE’ish beginners guide video on specific video games or anything else in particular, this is includes some general information on how to play the game along with as much tips and tricks that I can think of or discovered.

Being a College Student by Day and Content Creator by Night; I don't exactly have any financial income that i can use to further improve my channel and with that most of my time are spent on making videos and going to college. These videos take a very long time to make and the youtube ad system doesnt really exist on my channel just yet. and as such that is why this Patreon exists.

Becoming a Patreon would hugely help me on keeping this channel alive for the forseable future and maybe, just maybe, make this FULL TIME! and theres nothing more I would love to do than to keep on creating content for you guys! :)

Pledging to my Patreon will get you to know me a bit more personally and will grant you access to  more exlusive content. (this includes access to the original script, voiceovers, bloopers, and even some of the videos I never bothered uploading or have uploaded onto a different youtube channel). this also includes the ability to directly affect the content I upload onto youtube and many more.

Welcome to dPhantomheart!
$0 of $100 per month
At $100 pledged per month, I will be able to gradually upgrade parts of my youtube setup. such as a proper XLR Condenser Microphone and a pair of Headphones or Headset. 

If we achieve this:

I will release an short audio clip of me singing a Japanese Anime Song.


PS. I can't sing (seriously)
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