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A super-simple drawing of one of my characters giving you a thumbs-up with a big "thank you" sign behind him or her. Your name will be mentioned in the drawing, which will be posted on my site/blog.
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A much better, way less simple drawing specifically made for you, featuring a short "thank you" note with your name and something dumb and quirky on it. I won't send these out right away, but once I receive adequate funds, I'll be sure to mail you your art. Hoping to get these out within four months. This is to ensure that I have the supplies and time necessary to turn out quality work. Will be posted on the website AFTER you've received it, so your eyes will be the first to see it!
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You get to decided what this drawing's about! If you want specific words on it or a certain setting, let me know. I'll do my best to create the perfect image within my art's world. Let's just keep it lighthearted and not too pervy. These will be sent out within four months after your pledge is set and won't be posted on the site until after you've received it.




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I like to create things. Whether I'm writing a video game review, working on my graphic novel (when I get the chance/remember to), or drawing something, I'm always striving to create. One thing I've long wanted to return to is my goofy brand of artwork. Inspired by Gary Larson's The Far Side, my work is all about deliberate, almost-soothing repetition and joyful simplicity. I try to create something that not only puts my innermost thoughts on paper but also lets others talk and think and speculate and relate.

Any money raised through Patreon will be used to buy me an endless supply of (very specific) fine point pens and watercolor paper (don't use watercolors often, but love the texture). If I can get at least a moderate amount of funds, the money will also go to everyday, real-life stuff like bills and food (can't create with the lights off and on an empty stomach — I mean, you could, but screw that).

I've never been one to keep my art all to myself (I don't own more than a handful of my own pieces), so I'll likely give away most of my stuff, if not all of it. So if you support me on Patreon, you'll get one of my crappy drawings! Yay!

*All screens used here are my original work. The second and third screens contain lyrics from Angels & Airwaves and Death Cab for Cutie songs, though all work going forward may not contain such lyrics due to copyright reasons.
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I'd like to create a site for my work rather than simply post on Tumblr. This money will go to site hosting and creation fees.
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