Michael Palmer

is creating DiscPath.info App for Mapping Disc golf flight

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I'm a software engineer with a passion for disc golf.  And now, I am finally getting a chance to merge those two passions.  I took an idea someone else had started, but didn't have the time to continue on with (with their blessing) and have expanded on it, and continue to expand and improve it.

What is it?  A website that allows you to build up one or more disc golf bags, visually overlaying the flight paths so you can see what holes you might have, where you might have molds that overlap, and what you might be interested in adding to your bag.

Also, we have a similar disc feature, for all those times someone asks "Do you know what flies like a <Insert Disc Name Here>?"  Is it perfect?  Nope, it is all math and calculations and ever growing and improving, but it is an interesting tool, useful and educational.

Right now, the biggest hurdle I have to face is the hosting cost.  I am sharing the app with the world at no cost, with no ads and nothing but the data, but I am paying for it out of my own pocket, and hosting cost, especially as this gets bigger with more visibility, gets more and more expensive.  I am not looking at making money off of the site, I just want to share it with the world, I would just love it if I could cover the hosting for it.

Check out the current application at DiscPath.info
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