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About Dragon

Hey little dragons welcome to my Patreon page, my name is Leo, stage name is Dragon. I am a self taught dancer & stage performer here to inspire everyone in the world Men, Women & especially of those LGBTQ & help them get into their creative lifestyle. I love to travel around the world to dance, & teach my own style of dance to the world, & perform at many places as I can whether it's at a gay bar or on stage with the big name DJs & Recording artists out there. I have had experience in many areas as a entertainer in Drag Shows (Male Drag), & as a back up dancer for other drag performers. I have met may famous people from the gay scene, to mainstream artists such as Meghan Trainor, Nikki Williams, London Rose, Phenix, & many more. I took part being in a music video from a recording artist name Phenix, such an amazing time as well & there will be many more experiences to come. That's just a little bit about me but if you become my patron I will let you in on more about who I really am & I would love to meet many of you & as well get out there in the world.

I have this page for a reason because I want to interact with other like-minded people & have abundance as well. I love to inspire the world through my art of dance, I want to let the world know that there are badass gay people out there not just the Drag Queens. I want people to resonate with me on a deeper level & inspire them to live their lives in the most authentic was as possible. So I am really pursuing on building an amazing community here & as I said connect with so many beautiful people, we all come from somewhere but we end up all the same. This world needs more love & I can't do this alone I want you all to be part of this movement with me so we can all continue to embrace who we truly are without any care of what others perceive of us, let's make this happen babes!!!

I hope you all can join my Dragon Clan & have so much fun with me on this adventure, & someday I may come to your hometown and just hang out haha. Please support me at what I do & I promise to give you the best content I can give you, all of my dance videos, vlogs, etc. Videos in general take so much time & I really want to put out as much content as I can for all of you. This will help me with rent, food, equipment, sound etc. The more support I can grab from you guys the more badass content I can create for you!! Let's work together in creating a better world for all of humanity!!! With that said, thank you so much for visiting my Patreon page & have an amazing day!! Much love & light to all of you my little dragons!!! LIVE YOUR LIFE AND BE YOU!!!!

Oh before you go, on a side note I also create my own music as well I will be sharing my music with all of you so we can continue to build an amazing community!!! Love you all!! Please stay tuned for my releases.
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If I get 15 Patrons I will do a live hangout for everyone to see & I will ask any questions you would like to know!!! Also you will be able to get a free song download.
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