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About DragonfiAR

Welcome to our Patreon Page!

DragonfiAR is here to support your dream of being part of game development, whether that is creating or playing! Whatever the platform or tech, we are about creating, playing, sharing, and marketing your game!

It's for the Players!
You love playing games, want to be there on the journey, play testing new features first, giving your feedback to improve and shape the game. Be the first group to discover the next great game, blog, post or even stream first! 

It's for the Indie Game Developers!
We want to support game development and indie game enthusiasts like you by joining forces and helping each other reach our goals. The hardest thing for most indies is sharing and marketing. Getting that feedback early is so important and much of us (ourselves included!) leave it too late to share and build that audience. Perhaps you don't even know where to begin to share or reach the market to launch your game. No problem, join us and get connected. Oh and most creators are players too (when we get the chance!) so feel free to join in and give feedback too!

So hot right now!
Gaming is super hot right now and everyone wants to be a part of it! Every journey starts with the first step, but preparation often decides the journeys success. This is new, we are just starting, but my journey started several years ago, building the knowledge and experience to quit my day job and create games full time. Building from causal mobile and console to VR games and attending GDC. Everyone's journey is different and I'll be sharing mine every step of the way along with others as the community grows. By joining our community you'll be helping us all spend time doing what we love and give everyone's dream a chance. Can you think of a reason not to get involved?

Me - really?
Everyone is welcome, but if you don't have a big gaming community in your area then we are especially for you as we want to help you to connect and grow your local community too. Start a mini meet up in your local area as you'll have plenty of games to play and talk about from your larger community! Of course you are all welcome at our local meet ups too but don't worry if you can't make it as we'll be sharing videos of the meet ups, sessions and workshops too! So you can be a part of it wherever you live!

Learn too? If you want to!
Games are always evolving - no one wants to play the same level, but always reach the next. We are all learning all the time and we have plenty to share. I'll be sharing my short cuts so you don't have to take the long route on your project. Maybe as a gamer you would like to learn a bit too - would you like to blog or stream? There will be plenty of insights, tips and tricks, ups and downs and everything in between.

What are you waiting for? Game on!
So now you know why (to make something together), what (creating and playing games!) and when (now!). So do you want to get involved?

In game terms this was the tutorial so well done on not skipping it! We are just starting out but we have a ton of content lined up and your early contributions will get this released quicker and add more meet ups, workshops and videos to this years schedule!

Now you need to pick your character from the reward tiers on the right and jump in!
Welcome to the community! To live the dream you only have to take the first step....

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