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I am a 24 year old swedish girl who is trying to achieve my dream to live on creating. I have just left everything I own and have and start over and create a life for me. I have had my entire adult life been a victim of trafficking and now trying to build a life worth living.

Creating is in my blood but allso a way of coping.

Creative instagram: @dragonfly_move
Personal instagram (in swedish): @denhopplosa_horan
Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/se-en/shop/DragonflyMove?ref=search_shop_redirect
$0 of $30,000 per month
Here is where i can pay off my credit, the only loan i have the one that makes my months not working, me not being able tp buy food and what i need like cloths and sutch. But this loan (klarna) is allso so painfoul for me, its my only fysical reminder of what ive been thrue, and its only giving me panic attacks and enxiety. The reason this exist is becouse the last 2 years i wasnt able to go thrue that extra rape, let thows extra people do what they pleased with me to both give my pimps what they wanted and give myself food on the table. I litterly cpould just hold it together enough to give my pimps and pay my own bills and rent so atleast my name was clean on paper. So klarna was the only way for me to get food without actually having the cash. This is the last thing i need to get rid off to move on, start healing and fullfill dreams. To start over.
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