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About Dragonfox Studios

Over the past several years, I've created a lot of things as a passionate furry artist.  I've made a variety of musical/ambient pieces, traditional art, and other works.  More recently though, I've focused down on indie game development in Unity.  I've been working hard at it, but I haven't been alone - my mate has been a pillar of stability, and is on board as a comic/general artist finding her own style in this crazy world.

Together, with your help, we want to make creating art and games and making artistic experiments our livelihood.  We're covering our own rent, but building a community gives us people to bounce off of, and building income allows us to garner equipment and hire help where we need it for art, music, or whatever we might need.

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The Changelog: Video Edition!

Every month, we'll release a special Video Edition of The Changelog.  It'll have some stuff we don't put in our textual changelogs, and all of you fine patrons will be in the credit roll!  (you can message us to omit yourself from the roll if you desire.)
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