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Welcome to DKG's Patreon Page!

Your first question might be: “Why am I funding a company rather than a game?” If you didn't think of that, well you're probably curious now (ha). What I'm about to explain is my vision for the future of DragonKite Games.

My dream is to create a work environment that feels like a hobby; where you can enjoy every moment of it and not lose your life. I want to establish a highly creative, fun, relaxing and open environment that with 6 hour work days, Monday to Friday and never weekends or overtime. I want to avoid publishers or big investors to sustain the environment and plans I have for the company. It is my belief that taking risks and a creative approach to the game development industry will lead to a more passionate team and more imaginative video games.

Our first title and example of our creative approach is the game: Cloned. I’ve been working on cloned as a side project for over a year; Working nights and weekends while having a full time job, burning myself out with lack of sleep and a social life. In preparation for this Patreon I rebuilt the entire game from scratch, only giving myself a 3 month window to do so. Sticking to my vision of 6 hour days, no weekends and no overtime, I completed the task 2 days ahead of schedule and had a blast doing it. At no point was I creatively exhausted and after each weekend I was the most refreshed I’ve ever felt.

The most important goal of this Patreon is to establish a core group I can share this ambition and creative approach with. A like-minded team that will share and grow with each other while we take on the adventure that is game design.

How will the funding be used?

The funding will be used to build a solid foundation for DragonKite Games and to finish the development of our first title: Cloned. While development has come a long way, we need some additional support in the form of: New team members, software licenses, music, sounds, advertising, servers and a space to work (down the line). I'm sure there are some small things I'm not thinking of but I will update this and inform everyone when I do!

About our first title Cloned

Cloned is an open, player versus player world that's been built from the ground up to make everything feel like it’s strange and alien. Players take the form of gun wielding insects and everything from the plants, to the trees and even the ground itself is widely different in hopes of giving players something new. You'll be able to freely explore this new alien planet, but watch out because not everyone is your friend! Make friends, find allies and forge alliances because you might have more enemies than you can count. Keep your head up and on a swivel because in this alien world, your environment is huge and danger lurks in every nook and cranny.

There are lots of materials that you can harvest in this world to create the armor, weapons, tools and accessories to become stronger than your enemies or to help out your allies. Don’t get too cocky just because you have some nice equipment though because in the end you're only as good as your skills in shooting, flying and strategy.

To keep this world balanced and buzzing, each insect has a task to complete within a time frame. If your insect gets a bounty on his head be ready because you’ll have a swarm of angry players after you. If it's not your turn in the hot seat, don’t get too comfy because it may be your turn next because the weak can always become more powerful.

PvP isn't the only thing you do in Cloned. You can completely avoid PvP by staying in the shadows and avoiding conflict. Harvest rare materials to trade with other insects, explore hidden areas and survive the hostile conditions of your strange alien world that’s sure to hold some secrets for even the most seasoned veteran.

Travel the Universe with ML-1

Want to explore the universe to see what is out there, then enrolling with the Marauder's Lodge is the step you need to take. Living on ML-1 (Marauder's Lodge-1) is your second home that feels like home, which is orbiting your old home, Earth. You'll feel right at peace once you come aboard ML-1. It will have everything you need as a Marauder and as the Lodge grows the space station will as well. Currently the space station has:

The Tower
The main hub of the space station that has planet life from Earth and various other neighboring planets, stable gravity that mimics Earth, the smell of fresh air and areas to relax with your fellow Marauder's and access to all the facilities.

Marauder Joe's Bar
The best place to regain/gain your strength before going on an adventure or quest . Logging into the vicinity of the bar (Discord) you'll be able to select from the great options of food from neighboring planets as well as drinks. It's also a great place to just hang out with your fellow Marauders and talk about your adventures.

Quest Board (Locked - Need 10 Patrons per tier)
This is where you'll be able to pick the adventures you want to go on. Once a month a quest will be posted to the board in the form of a poll (on Patreon). There will be a description of the quest and some choices to pick from. At the end of the month the results will be revealed and largest voted decision among the Marauder's decides the outcome of the quest. Work together and figure out what will be the best decision to get that collectible card! 

With the different types of Marauder's there is also specific Quest Boards (Marauder, Looter, Scout and Dragon) and each one has their own type of quests and will all be within the same card set with colors to differentiate between different Marauder's (Blue-Maraduer, Yellow-Looter, Teal-Scout and Red-Dragon).Each card set will have 10 cards total to collect and there will be new card sets every so often. For an easier breakdown go to the Discord server to view it. 

How it will work:
  • Descriptive poll with 2 or more choices and largest vote decides the quest outcome. 
  • Marauder, Looter, Scout and Dragon get their own Quest Board
  • Card sets will consist of 10 cards and will be color coded for each Marauder (Blue-Marauder, Yellow-Looter, Teal-Scout, Red-Dragon)
  • You are able to ask questions to help find out answers (I am your DM per-say) 
  • When new card sets release there is still the chance to get previous cards 
  • Common, Uncommon, and Rare. (A chance for a Legendary card if rolled a 20 on a d20)
  • Cards will be sent out to the Marauder's that have completed the quest. (For chain quests that means you have to get all the correct decisions)

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Titan Division Created

The Marauder's that are finding everything easy and need to be challenged, we have created the Titian Division. The toughest division of them all and you'll be sent on near impossible quests to complete.
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