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About Mel's Log Comics

Mel's Log Comics is proud to present a comic in the making: Dragon Leader. There is a team of 7 people working on this project and we are getting close to reaching our goals. 

Dragon Leader is set in a world called Aera in which is under oppression by the King. The Dragon Leader, Kara, and the Water Elemental, Azade, must go out in search of the other two Elementals in order to find hope in destroying the King and restoring peace to the kingdom. 

What your support does:
  1. Publication of Dragon Leader into a graphic novel
  2. Maintain current equipment (repairs and such)
  3. Buy new art supplies
  4. Help Mel live her lavish life of ramen and maybe a peach or two
  5. Give credit to Mel's team where credit is due 
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