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About Dragon's Deck

Imagine being able to create an army that brings together the powers of Son Goku, Vegeta, Cell, Buu and other incredibly powerful warriors from your favourite series. And now… imagine that you can carry them all in your pocket!

Dragon’s Deck is a Trading Card Game where you collect characters from the original series and trade them with your friends, join strong clans, become part of a powerful team and relive the adventures of your favourite heroes, take part in tournaments, battle players from around the world, and much more.

Hundreds of characters will be available in the game and are divided into 7 categories, indicated by a star system. Each character will have unique traits, permitting an infinite number of combinations to create line-ups that adapt to any type of player.

Beyond pure attack strength and defence capability, some characters will also have unique skills that will make them valuable members to add to your team. Apart from the well-known “supports” that are able to heal their companions, you'll also be able to use characters capable of increasing the power of other team members or reducing that of your rival, even affecting an entire team.

In this game mode you will recreate the adventures of the original series following your favourite sagas. In each of them you will discover new worlds and collect new characters with which to improve your team.

At the beginning of each saga you will receive three characters that will help you to face this new adventure, based on the ones in the original series. Once you complete the saga those characters will become a permanent addition to your collection to be used in your favourite line-up. In addition, each time you defeat an enemy character to advance in your quest there is a chance you may be able to add it to your collection.

As you advance in the game you can unlock the sagas of King Piccolo, the arrival of the Sayan, the journey to Namek, the return of Dr Gero and his androids, the wakening of Buu in the saga of Majin and many more, including those based on the films of such powerful characters as Broly, Bardock, Cooler and others.

There will be weekly events based on incidents in the original story that will offer new game modes, additional settings and characters, or valuable prizes... Aside from the unique gameplay and rewards they offer, the events will be separated into two types: those designed to be overcome by each player on their own and those in which members of each clan must join forces and work together to achieve victory.

Players who participate in the events will have the opportunity to obtain special characters, valuables and exclusive cards. Each event will have multiple levels of difficulty so that any player can enjoy them and gain access to their rewards.

As you progress in your adventure or face off against other players you can get fragments of the mystical Dragon Scrolls to add powerful techniques to your team. Each scroll is composed of 6 pieces that permanently unlock a technique for the player once assembled.

In addition to high power and the range to be able to reach rivals at a great distance, some techniques can affect multiple or even all units of the rival formation with each attack.

Every day the player will be presented with a series of Goals that will enable them to get new characters, team points and Zenis with which to improve their line-up. In addition the player will receive one of the 7 Dragon Balls on completing all the daily objectives.

Combining them all will invoke the Dragon Shenron and allow them to make a wish with which to get some of the most powerful characters in the game.

Do you have a repeated character? Don’t worry, with the Fusion option you can combine the same character several times to get a much more powerful version. Each character can merge up to three times, passing through the states of Fusion, Fusion Level 2, and Fusion MAX, improving Attack, Defence and maximum Health with every step.

And what if you have a character you don’t need? Then change it for another! With Trade mode you can swap characters with your friends, with other players or members of your Clan.

Take on your friends or other players in the Grand Martial Arts Tournament to win awards and characters for your team. Participants will fight in each other to decide who advances towards the Grand Final. Each time a player passes a round they will receive rewards such as Capsules, Team Points, or Zenis with which to improve their line-up.

Whoever takes the final victory will also receive a special capsule that will give them a high-powered character.

Some characters enhance the characteristics of the other members of their faction, increasing them when they fight together. This is common for disciples of the same master, for example with Roshi's pupils; the followers of the same leader, like Babidi's henchmen; or team members, such as members of the Freeza Special Forces.

When brought together in your team you will be able to create much more powerful units, and if you manage to reunite all team members you will unlock an exclusive skill.

"TEAM SKILL: When brought together in the team they will perform a motivational dance that will shock the opposing formation and reduce its initial DEFENSE by 10% (Affects: All Units)"

Add your friends to your list of allies or meet new players and form a team. Share your powerful team leaders to assist them in battle, fight them to see who has the most powerful among you, or send messages to them.
Players will be able to form clans with which to participate in sagas and unique events or battle rival clans for great prizes and climb the World Ranking list.

The player can receive valuable objects that improve their team by advancing in the adventure or through special Capsules. Among other improvements these objects will increase the characteristics of the formation, cure them or add new skills in combat.

As the player’s level increases you can equip your team with more objects of greater power.

Although the game is free to play and all of the characters and items can be acquired at no cost, the use of Crystals will accelerate progress, such as giving access to the most powerful characters.

Crystals and Capsules are acquired by advancing in the game, beating challenges, participating in events and so on. Capsules can also be bought with Crystals, in packs that include multiple characters. Each week Special Packs will be available containing the best characters for the next event or the latest additions to the game.

The probability of receiving high level characters depends on the rarity of the Capsule, although some guarantee that the character received will always be 7 stars!
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