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About Drakkart

I play video games and make youtube videos of them. It is like being a child again playing with legos just the legos were switched for all kinds of different digital games AND because all of this happens on social media i feel like i don't play alone anymore. I mean i still do but people are actually enjoying what i do and they get in contact and we exchange thoughts and stuff that is awesome.
I prefer games where i can be creative or strategical or a mix of that.
I am one of these people which either do it right or don't do it at all, so occassionaly i throw in the one and other tutorial, trying to explain how stuff works so my viewers can do it alike and enjoy their gametime even more knowing they have a rock solid solution to a given ingame task.
My interests shift along with changes or updates made to the games i play. I am a creative mind love to build things, love when stuff works, and really enjoy my perfectionism in video games tinkering with it till I say that it is finished.

So this process on the other hand makes me not deliver too much content. Even if i would be able to afford making youtube videos my full time job, I probably would still not be able to provide the quality i set for "this is release ready" at a daily basis. But as off now i am far from that since most of my time i spent with work, training, family, friends and such - hence the "varying content on no specific schedule".

I started youtube for real back in 2012, watched an aweful video of some 400k youtuber boring me for one and  half hour so i thought, even i could be more entertaining like that guy, let's do it. I told my wife that i was starting a youtube channel and she went like awesome i am doing a cooking show - so at this point there was no turning back. I looked up the required software taught myself video editing and started a minecraft channel because that was the game back then.
I soon figured out that providing value by teaching other people how to make great stuff in the game is some of the most appreciated content because now they can enjoy playing the games even more. so making tutorials which provide a real insight into the mechanics became one of my favorite type of video. sadly not all games are suited for such content but i keep lists of what tutorials i want to make and collect ideas, as soon as i feel like, ok yes this is going to be good, i go for it.

Now i have a dream of actually being able to do this stuff full-time i had a long pause doing youtube because of - life, issues, but restarted my channel with cities skylines in august 2020.
Now i still have this dream and such one way of doing this is by getting direct support from the people which enjoy my content the most and patreon is the perfect platform to do so, which lead to me setting up this patreon acount in september 2020. Let us see where things go from now. Hopefully i'll be able to deliver more and better content soon with a little help from my fans this should be achieveable.

Anyway i thank you for reading and stoping by, hope you consider some support but if not that is fine as well. I just love what i do and share that freely without expecting something in return,
- i may dream though ; )

Thanks Drak

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