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About Colin Lawler

The Lighthouse is a single-panel silent webcomic. The story follows the lighthouse keeper and his seemingly futile efforts to keep ships away from the rocky coast.

I began The Lighthouse as a morning warm-up sketch, posting it immediately on Instagram. I initially had no direction in mind and just wanted to see what I'd come up with each day. Very quickly a story formulated and I realized that this was worthy of my time and energy. I then moved it over to tumblr (@lighthousecomic) where it now resides. I scan in every page, clean it up, and post it for everyone's viewing pleasure.

I try to update it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each page is created on a 5.5”x5.5” piece of bristol board with black ink and watercolors. 

I've only begun the story of The Lighthouse and I'd really like to tell it in it's entirety, right now it's looking like this will be roughly 200-300 pages. I would also like to be able to dedicate more time to each page and prevent myself from making any more throw away pages (i.e. page 6.) More often than I'd like to admit, I miss updates because other paid projects take priority. I'd like to be able to guarantee updates every MWF, every weekday, or even every day!

Your support would make this possible.

So, what is Patreon?
To answer this as simply as possible, it's crowd-funding for ongoing projects. I would compare this to Kickstarter but instead of backing one project once, Patreon is set up so you're continually backing an ongoing project.

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Guaranteed! No delays and no excuses, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I'll have a beautiful new update for you.

Those who back $15 or more will receive a high quality full-sized print of one of the pages from that month.
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