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About Draw Kids Draw

I teach kids how to draw! 

My name is Max, and I produce a kids YouTube series called Draw Kids Draw. Each week I post a new drawing tutorial video. Everything from cartoon characters, minecraft drawings, 8-bit pixel art and lots of other fun topics. I only post 100% kid friendly content!
When I was a child I drew a lot! I learned to draw from watching TV shows like the 'The Secret City'. I have such fond memories of those old shows and have always wanted to create a show of my own. Now, by the power of Youtube...... I HAVE THE POWER!  (He-Man pun intended) 

100 % Kid Friendly Content  (What does that mean?)

I want my channel to be safe for kids of any age to watch so I only draw kid friendly content. That means I do not swear, My comment sections are filtered and moderated. I will not draw content from adult themed games, TV shows or movies. Viewers requests for things like Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty or other adult themed content is ignored.   

How does this help?

I want to continue producing quality YouTube videos that entertain and educate kids. I want this to be my main job. All I need is $1 per month from you and a few thousand other people to make this dream a reality. when enough of you donate $1 per month, I can afford to not work a day job and make this my main career.

You'll be helping me teach thousands of kids around the world. you would be allowing me the freedom and flexibility to launch new and exiting creations. Check out the list of Milestone Goals on the left side of this page to see what projects I have planned.

To become a Patron of mine, you can pledge any amount you'd like! As a small token of my thanks, I am producing a free monthly color sheet (Printable .PDF) available for download in my Patreon feed.
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I would love to afford a new microphone, proper studio lighting and a better camera. These are the things I will buy first to increase the quality of my content!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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