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is creating Custom Art, Creative Imaging and Illustrations. Signs, Logos & M

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       Hello, Well I am a self taught artist, single dad of 4 children and recently started taking some courses in art and fell in love with art even deeper. I have a passion and need to create and I am experimenting with new mediums as I learn more and more exposed. Unfortunately I am also disabled and so I give a new meaning to starving artist.
       I do a lot of renderings using markers since they are more affordable and I often mixed that with colored pencils, gel pens, and sometimes acrylics but have used oils as well. I have worked with wood, metal and glass and would love to try sculpting and iron work. I was taking media arts classes and learning photoshop, illustrator, in-design, etc. but grants ran out and so I need alternative funding to keep creating and growing.
      I excel fairly easily in the things I try and I love to learn and my passion undeniable. My hope is to venture into canvas paintings, sculpting, wood work and beyond as I am afforded finances and materials to produce more unique pieces beyond my simple renderings. Comics, Fan Art and digital art is also an interest and would love to jump into it and possess the equipment to render them more freely.
       I Thank you so much for your support! It means the world and helps me to continue to create.
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 My health issues are increasing and I still need  to obtain dependable transportation. It's been over a year now since I lost my van that get's me and my mobility scooter around.
   I plan to take more classes soon to hone my skills and need paints, brushes, canvas, etc. I have hopes of selling my works at various fairs and vendor events. Maybe I can even get my own studio or shop one day?
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