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ALL patrons will receive access to our ongoing Sarah & Brian Tour Album on Google Photos as a token of thanks. We will update it regularly with some of the pictures we take on the road.

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This is for members of my comedy writing group on Facebook who may not be all that interested in my other work but would like to help me maintain one of the largest comedy-related groups on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/comedywriting/

I will be adding benefits to this tier after I consider my options.

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About Dr Brian King

I am a psychologist, stand-up comedian, and nationally touring public speaker. For years, I have been touring the country discussing subjects like happiness, stress management, and the benefits of laughter and humor. I tour the country with my partner, Sarah Bollinger, who is an occupational therapist, tango dancer, and model, and our daughter Alyssa who is everything to us. Using our backgrounds in mental health, Sarah and I create art. We write, we podcast, and we produce short videos about our travels. 

Thank you so much for taking an interest in what we do, and for your support!

UPDATE As an additional token of gratitude to recognize patrons that have had a substantial contribution to my work, I am going to start including patron names in the acknowledgement section of my upcoming books. Regardless of your monthly tier, it will be based on total contribution. The next book is scheduled for a September release. There are two more in the works after that.
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When I hit 30 patrons I am going to try and upgrade our computer and video editing software. 
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