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About Dream2stream

We started in January 2015, it was another day in my 'office' when I came up with the brilliant idea to create a community which allowed Twitch streamers of a smaller size to converse. I was hitting about 40-50 viewers average on our channel due to the christmas viewership boost and wanted to help others reach that too. 2 months in we had boomed in size, we had about 20 members in size and things were going well. Not to say that now we are smaller that we aren't doing as well! We have changed slightly and opened up the Dream2stream community to various other casters through the use of our forum.

Now we help everyone, in and out of the group. We have a custom written host bot which boosts everyones exposure to other viewers and a fantastic team atmosphere. We run a public Teamspeak for you to use with your viewers and a fantastic set of game server. Lastly, we offer amazing support and guidance, we try our best to give you the best of our knowledge in areas such as Harassment, Growth, Safety and more
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The first frontier towards funding everything we use. 

We run servers for our Reputation bots and hosting tools so this is great! Thank you.
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