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My family sincerely thanks you for your support!  We love working on these projects together, and with your help, you've allowed us to show our progress to the world!
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Truly generous!  We can't thank you enough for your support!  You're one of the reasons all this is possible.  As such, we'll send you progress photos as our new projects come together, long before anything ends up on a blog or youtube video. :)




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Our family moved into our new home in August of 2014.  While it was under construction, we knew we wanted to turn it into our dream home by starting several small DIY projects.  Even while it was being built, we were in there working on the upstairs floors and dreaming up ideas we could do in the future.

As we completed some of our projects, family and friends would come over and be amazed at what we were able to accomplish.  They wanted to show it to THEIR friends, so photos would be sent across Facebook and other social media sites, all with rave reviews.  The more people saw what we had done, the more they recommended we show the world...so here we are!

We have a lot more projects underway, and even more planned for the future, all with the intent on showing off the process and how we arrived at our end results.  With that comes a lot of time dedicated to recording the workflow, and expenses associated with hosting the site and paying for online storage for all the documentation.

That's where you guys come in.  With your support, we can afford all the yearly expenses associated with domain, website, and storage costs, as well as upgrade our equipment to provide better footage, graphics, and overall documentation.  We're going to work on these projects because our family loves tackling these things together...we would be honored to accept your help in making them possible! :)
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Tired of seeing videos taken from my camera phone?  So am I :(  With this contribution level, I'll upgrade my equipment to provide much more stable, higher resolution videos for all to see.
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