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  • Mail me your idea and I'll try to implement it into one of my next shootings.
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I'm a Photographer, Media_Designer, Father, Trekkie and Nerd.

My Patrons will get to see special photos in digital media creation, cosplay shootings, behind the scenes and much much more.

Additionally my Patrons can say what kind of shooting they would like to see, then I will search models, locations and do the shooting.

Equipment, decoration, makeup, all costs al lof of money and it's not possible to do many shootings. If you will be my Patron, you support me and my projects.

Here are some exaples:

$0 of $200 per month
A vision I have is to do a really awesome cosplay shooting mit a nice model and pyrotechnics.

If you want to work with pyrotechnics it's important to get an approval from your local authority, and sure you even have to get pyrotechnics from the dealer. Both takes much money, so this is my first goal to reach.

When I think on the project, it will be amazing! Think of a nice and sexy model between fire, smoke and explosives. So if you like this idea, and want to help me reaching this goal, support me and become a Patron of me.
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