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We believe entrepreneurs are the drivers of the nation's economic development. Because Moldova is amongst the poorest countries in Europe, we decided to change the situation and therefore marked on a journey to benefit the community by contributing to its entrepreneurial ecosystem. Thus the idea of Dreamups emerged.

Launched in February 2016, one of our strategic goals is to be fully sustainable, meaning that we will be wholly funded by the community. We're achieving this by developing successful business partnerships, investing our own money and accessing grants from international beneficiaries. However, in order to achieve the goal of financial sustainability, we must engage the community. This is why we've initiated our pledge drive.

About Dreamups:
Dreamups brings together young entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and other amazing people to learn, accelerate, and create global technology companies.
We believe innovation can and should be created in developing countries like Moldova and that any disadvantages we may have can be transformed into our greatest advantages.
Dreamups is helping young entrepreneurs to identify startup ideas and develop them in order to create companies which can serve customers throughout the global market.
We produce and run different acceleration programs like Founder Institute and Space, as well as top industry events like Startup Grind and Dreamups Talks. We have already held:

2 editions of Founder Institution Chisinau (which produced 9 startups) 
Some of the Founder Institute Chisinau Mentors:

2 editions of Space Program

19 Startup Grind Chisinau events

10 Dreamups Talks

Startup Breakfasts

2 Freelance Meetups

1 Garage 48 Hackathon

1 Rockit Startup Competition (within Rocking Conference '17)

A series of other events and conferences (Tech Open Doors, Silicon Drinkabout, COLLIDER - an event for Creatives etc). And more interesting programs are coming soon.

In addition, each founder can work every day in our cooperative workspaces.

Why Patreon?
To make the community sustainable, we're launching the Patreon pledge.
You may be an active member of the community or someone who has heard about tech and startups. In any case, you strongly believe that startups based on innovation -- particularly startups involved in technology -- can help Moldova to move forward.
Moldova can be known not only as a great wine-tour destination or one of the poorest countries in Europe but as the home of global services and products like Skype, BlaBlaCar, MSQR and other global companies.

Choose your reward those amongst those listed on the right, and pledge to the community.

A few of the tech startups born at Dreamups:

ReadCast , founder Valentin Bragaru
Readcast is a narration platform for articles, where articles are converted to audio articles. This startups is solving the problem of insufficient time dedicated to reading articles. The application uses background music in order to deliver a good quality of narration.

EasyRoute , founders Vasile Valcov and Radu Filip 
Is a software that helps distribution companies of Fast Moving Consumer Goods save time and fuel on their delivery operations with automated and fast route planning.

Stock Control , founder Radu Corlăteanu 
StockControl is developing a warehouse management system to help small and medium warehouses organising and optimising processes with an online solution.

Rivospace , founder Ion Guțu.
It is a web platform where everyone can find his office for a month, a day, an hour or for any period of time.

Offfy.com , founder Ghenadie Cernei.
It is a platform that helps people to create their health history and to manage chronic diseases by collecting, building a long-term treatment plan and providing recommendations and advices to record daily performance.

Pandametrix.com , founder Victor Spînu and Andrei Josan
A tool that analyse website's performance and make it faster, by checking SEO issues and website for errors. This tool is helping those people who aren't able to hire a special person to optimise their website, or those who where let down by their developers.

Baro.io, founders Teo Scorpan and Victor Grosu
Is a platform for managing and optimising ads on social platforms. Using Baro, individuals and advertising agencies don’t have the pain of adjusting campaigns, finding the right audience and even launching campaigns. Baro does that automatically according to the rules from Automation section and from A/B testing the predefined audience. 

BookVoyager , founders Iulian Gulean and Alexandru Varacuta
Is a book recommendation system based on content and reader's friends opinions to help fiction book lovers find their next book to read according to their personal taste.

Duckinder , founder Mariana Stratulat
Duckinder is a social enterprise with highly qualified babysitters and full time nannies, which provides care on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and outside the country. When a client pays for a babysitter, on the other side, a social worker is payed to take care of an impoverished child.

ENVERACE , founder Alexandr Iscenco
ENVERACE is a talent pre-selection and recruitment agency focused on the domain of environmental research and eco-innovation.

Corbelium , founder Victor Dubasaru
Is a platform which helps Architectural and Civil Engineering design firms find the right talent at the right time through on-demand service.

Babymoon , founders Geta Rasciuc and Matt Rutter
Babymoon is a baby-carrier and biomonitoring system for premature babies, combining skin-to-skin care with real-time vital sign tracking and analysis.

GAUS , founders Eugeniu Girla and Iulian Gulea
GAUS makes recruitment work without CVs. GAUS uses already available social data, aligns the expectations with an interactive chatbot and combines that with machine learning algorithms and recruitment know-how gathered from over 10.000 interviews to provide high accuracy matches.

Startup Grind Chisinau presentation:

More pictures from our events at Dreamups Campus:

Thank you for your contribution, 

To learn more about Dreamups, visit:

Website: dreamups.com
Facebook: facebook.com/DreamupsCommunity
Twitter: twitter.com/dreamups
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +373 68 695 836
Our address: 1 Uzinelor street, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

$40.36 of $2,000 per month
We at Dreamups are striving to create the best content and startup programs that Eastern Europe has yet seen. In order to be sustainable, we're launching this pledge drive. Your support will pay for the development of a startup community in Moldova, so that startups can launch and grow. Each contributor will receive an annual report with the cash-flow expenditures and resulting impact.
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