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A dollar matters more than you think. 

I very much appreciate it and hope to live up to your expectations. 

(For those who see the title, I simply like to call my fans/readers/etc. that name I consider endearing. if it offends, do let me know. XD)

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To your very generous subscription, you have my thanks, as well as a small reward. 

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For me it's lucky. I hope to spread that optimism, as well as more rewards and thanks!

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About Drekk Deina

Greetings to all of you, and welcome to the realm of my madness. MWAHAHAHA!

Anywho... I'm Drekk Deina. I also use the alias Xayces Vulpes as a cosplay name and have an etsy shop for my Keyblade commissions called OathkeeperCreations. 
I do woodworking, write fanfiction (Zootopia and Miraculous Ladybug/Cat Noir so far), and hope to expand my writing fandoms. . 

I've made this page to try and garner support for myself to pursue my very enjoyable hobbies and make sure I can do things like updating stories and producing new woodworking projects without having to squeeze every second of free time that I have a very limited amount of these days. Hope that doesn't sound greedy but I have found it difficult to both have free time recently AND pay for numerous bills that just happen in life. 

I'll do my best to give good rewards too. 

Thank you all for your support, Sweethearts. 
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My singular current goal is to put forward all earnings from this account towards a couple artist friends in need of more substantial income than they have the time to effectively earn. 
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