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About Drew Madeus

I’m Drew Madeus, a fiction glutton and wordsmith who loves all forms of creative media — I’m talking movies, TV, video games, music, comics, board games, books, and anything else that’s thematic or evocative. These things inspire me to be a better writer and creator.

And now I want to inspire you to be more creative too! We’ll learn and grow together by digging into incredible works of creative media week after week on my YouTube channel, but that’s just the beginning.

What I Do on YouTube
Every week on YouTube I upload 3 videos on specific days of the week:

  • Pop Media Monday — dive into the latest and greatest works of creative media in search of inspiration. Then, take that inspiration and distil it down into an actionable prompt

  • Great Works Wednesday — travel through great classics like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, The Godfather, Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, or any other acclaimed classic. Then, find another actionable prompt so you can go out and get creative

  • Composition Friday — I comb through comments sections and the subreddit looking for your responses to the prompts and share them on the channel

What I Do for My Patrons
As a patron, you’ll get to be more deeply involved in the creative process. You’ll have access to the monthly podcast where you can call me and discuss any of the creative media we’ve examined or talk about your experience with the prompts.

$10 patrons will have access to an exclusive livestream once per quarter where we can talk, workshop ideas, geek out about great content, and just have a good time. As the channel grows, I’m hoping these livestreams can turn into actual meetups because it would be flipping sweet to meet like-minded people!

Remember, your unique voice and input is what makes our group special. So, if you’re ready to become involved in our creative community, please hop on board today! 
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