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About Drewzy Tran

Hi beautiful & wonderful people!
Welcome to my Patreon page.

I am Drewzy Tran and I create inspirational/motivational/funny videos on YouTube.
My goal is to be able to spread/cultivate more peace, love, joy & happiness into the world.
One of the ways I am able to do this is sharing what I have learned with all of you, the wonderful citizens of earth.  I know in this crazy busy world that we live in we are all rushing through life trying to make ends meet and sometimes we don't have the time or energy to take care of our own well-being and state of mind. There is so much negativity out in the world and in ourselves: stress, sadness, depression, anger, jealousy...
These energies have prevent us from living up to our true potential and a true satisfying life.
A life where we are stress-free, truly happy & content and are at ease and peaceful.
I myself have been through and lived in such negative energies which have brought my life down to rock bottom but luckily I have turned my life around and had help from these great teachers and beings which helped me live a more positive satisfying life.

Now that I have been able to live a happy life I want to share these wonderful techniques and practices with you. So you and your loved ones can all benefit from this greatness and live happier satisfying lives.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is kinda like Kickstarter or GoFundMe but it's a little different. Instead of donating or supporting once for a project or invention etc.  you are pledging or tipping small recurring amounts for every video I make or by a monthly basis. You can set a cap on your donation so you don't go over your budget & can cancel anytime you feel like.

If you don't have the means to pledge don't feel obligated to. By watching and sharing my content you are already such a importance in my life and work & you are already a great supporter. :)

Your Pledge & support will go towards:

This is my life's work and what I do for a living so your support will go directly towards giving me the basic needs to live: food, water, shelter, clothing.
I was once a novice disciple in a Buddhist monastery so I have learned to live a simple life i.e. sleeping on the floor or on a bed made from plywood, eating a vegetarian diet(tofu & vegetables) & having just 2 or 3 sets of clothes(usually 2nd or 3rd hand). I have took a lot from the way of living in the monastery and have applied it into this modern day city life.
I do not have a big fancy production team so all the process for making a video from writing, filming, editing will all be up to me.
Your help and support will be of direct help toward me creating new inspiring content.
I will be able to dedicate my time to write and do research while working on a new project and give my heart into my work so you will be able to enjoy quality content.

Even though before I was working a low pay labor work job I still dedicated my savings and time towards helping others who are less fortunate than me. I helped volunteer to give out food to homeless shelters. Volunteering for a social services center helping immigrants settle in here in Canada. I also donated my savings to some organizations that I felt was important like BC Children's Hospital, Canadian Red Cross and various temples & churches here in Canada & abroad whom dedicate their time and energy to help build schools and health centers in developing countries.

Your pledge will also help bring up the quality of my videos by providing me funds to invest in good recording equipment like a DSLR, microphone etc. Thanks for your help.

Many thanks & love

Drewzy Tran

$0 of $1,500 per Motivational/Funny/Inspirational/Educational video
I will be able to concentrate 100% of my time and energy on making/creating inspirational/motivational/funny videos. And I will be a full-time creator being able to do what I love and that is spreading/cultivating more love, peace, joy & happiness. Thanks you!
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