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Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the official Drifter Of Darkness Patreon Page!

What is Drifter of Darkness?
Drifter of Darkness is a web and vlog series that will be featuring the following:

• Real Hauntings and Paranormal Investigations and Stories
• Horror Film Reviews, Interviews and Behind The Scenes
• Hearse Restorations and Driving Vlogs
• Oddity Collecting and Picking
• Haunted House Attractions
• Haunted Travels Around The United States
Horror Gaming Let's Play Videos

This may sound like a lot for one series, but I believe that variety keeps things interesting. While a lot of these things may seem radically different, they are all connected to each other in some way or form.

What will your contribution go towards?
Creating videos and web series is not a cheap process and it requires a lot of time, and a lot of help. Currently, I am getting things going on my own. This is rather difficult as it requires long hours and a lot of money, considering I am doing this alone. There are a great many things that your contributions will help with, including the following:

• Better Cameras and Recording Equipment
• Better Computer for Faster Editing and More Content
• Gas for Traveling To New Locations
• Maintaining and Keeping The Hearse Running For Being On The Road
• Oddity and Hearse Rescue/Restoration Funds (Some Of Which Will Become Rewards)
New Merch Designs and Options

All of these things are goals I'm trying to accomplish with every season and every year of this project, and continuing to build it and help it grow. I want to provide all of my patrons, fans and supporters with as much content as possible, and even be sending out things that are purchased to those who continuously support this project.

What will you get for the support of my project?
This is something that I am working hard at getting things ready for. One thing that is a definite for everyone, is that the series will always be free to watch. You do not have to contribute anything to view any of the regular series. Patrons will be getting special perks though, including but not limited to:

• Producer Credits
• Shout Outs To Your Projects, Artwork, Creations, Etc..
• T-Shirts, Stickers, Prints & Other Merch
• Photo Ops with the Hearses, Oddities, Locations, Etc..
• Guest Appearances on The Series
• Opportunities To Investigate Hauntings With Me
• Various Oddities and other Purchases From The Series Mailed To Them

And if you have anymore ideas for things you'd like to see as rewards, send me a message and I will see what I can do to make it happen!

This project is already under development and I am putting things together as my current budget allows. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated and I will be rewarding all Patrons with all sorts of things very shortly.

Thank YOU For All Your Support And Help Making This Project Possible

Drift With Me,
Cole; Drifter Of Darkness
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Once this goal is reached, I will begin doing monthly crate giveaways with all sorts of things ranging from merch to oddities and other fun items.
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