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My name is Valentine, a queer and trans author. I use he/him or they/them. I am probably better known by my wattpad: hurstvalya, or my AO3: transdannyphantom. I'm here to write, and get my name out there.

I mainly focus on LGBT+ Young Adult fiction, because there isn't nearly enough of that to be found anywhere, but I am willing to try really any genre of fiction. My original work(in progress) can be found on my wattpad, and will be eventually published. If you wish to be a part of my journey, please donate, and I'm happy to have you! With your help I will achieve my goal. :)

I am a student majoring in Creative Writing, which will be my main focus for the next while. I do intend on putting out streams of writing when I have time, and will update my schedule when I have it available.

I hope to get at least one of my books out in the next year, if all goes to plan. Here is hoping that I meet that goal.

I do have a discord server, where you can come and chat at me and find out about everything else I'm currently doing, which will be available to certain tier levels. 

I am also now offering tea readings, $2 for a general reading, and $5 for an in-depth reading with a question you give me.

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