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Observers get access to my blog and can get regular updates on the projects I'm working on. Why not take inspiration from my projects or even try some of these yourself.
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Insiders can peek inside the lab - I'll discuss the coding challenges I'm having, share snippets of code and discuss my findings about external companies and resources I work with. Some of this might be useful in helping you to code your own projects.
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Members are my lab partners. As well as everything in the insider and observer tiers, you get an account at Driscoll.co. You can access all the software projects and use them any way you like - even for your own business / company / projects.




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About Driscoll.co

I love the power of software. You can make exciting new things that never existed before. A recent project of mine involves having software log into Instagram, find everyone who likes posts with a certain hashtag, and then following all of them so they'll follow me back. It's a great way to get the attention of people who are my target audience.

Driscoll.co is my lab; it's where I do all my work and where I create exciting new things. If you become a patron of my work, I'll discuss in detail the design challenges, decisions, algorithms and inside track on projects I'm working on. And I'll even let you into the driving seat - you can use the end products yourself to further your own goals.
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When I reach 20 patrons I will do a poll asking for interesting new projects to go after. It could be anything. I'll take note of the poll outcome when deciding future projects.
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