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About Don Rittner

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I have been writing all my life.  Some 40 books, 1000 articles or so, and documentaries produced.  None of then done for a living. I like to educate.  I like to learn and pass it on. Fortunately I had other jobs that paid the bills all those years.  However now that I am retired I want to write full time and quite frankly there is nothing coming in to pay those bills so I am hoping that there are a few patrons out there that like what I write and want to help make it possible for me to continue.  I think there are another 40 books and a few more documentaries to do before I go to that library in the sky.

Some of my books:

  • Serendipity in Science: Twenty Years at Langmuir University. Autobiography of Vincent J. Schaefer
Natural history
  • Pine Bush – Albany’s Last Frontier
  • EcoLinking : Everyone's Guide to Online Environment Information
  • The Zodiac - Dedicated to Science, Literature and the Arts
  • Naturalist At Large Environmental Cartoons (with Raoul Vezina)
Human history
  • Troy Revisited
  • America at Night (iBook)
  • New York at Night (iBook)
  • Troy Chronicles (iBook)
  • Night in New York's Capital District (iBook)
  • Legendary Locals of Troy
  • Schenectady:Frontler Village to Colonial City
  • History of The Vale: Schenectady's Historic Cemetery
  • Albany Then and Now
  • Albany, New York
  • Albany Revisited
  • Hello Goodbye: Disappearing Landscapes and Artifacts of the Capital District
  • Remembering Albany - Heritage on the Hudson
  • Lansingburgh
  • Troy, New York
  • Troy, NY: A Collar City History
  • Troy Then & Now
  • Troy PBA: 1903-2003
  • Remembering Troy - Heritage on the Hudson
  • Schenectady's Stockade - New York's First Historic District
  • History of the Vale: Schenectady's Historic Cemetery
  • Encyclopedia of Chemistry (with R. A. Bailey)
  • Encyclopedia of Biology (with Timothy Lee McCabe)
  • A to Z of Scientists in Weather and Climate
  • Macazine Presents the Mac
  • The iMAC Book
  • Rittner's Field Guide to UseNet
  • The iMAC Book: An Insider's Guide to the iMAC's Hot New Features
  • iMac, iBook, and G3 Troubleshooting Pocket Reference
  • Usenet
  • Whole Earth Online Almanac<sup>[5]</sup>
  • MacArcade
  • MacArcade - Japanese Version
  • Online Astronomy
Scientific Journals
  • Skenectada
  • The MESH - Inside Cyberspace
  • Hardcopy for the Common Good
  • Skenectada
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