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Greetings oh curious one,

    I, Terrible Tim and all of us here at Drive In Movie Maniacs welcome you and are titillated that you found us. First we would like to gift you with a free episode just for arriving here and merely thinking about donating to our cause. You might have heard about us before or maybe you saw the link from us and came out of shear curiosity. Perhaps you know exactly what you came for, perhaps you don't? Maybe you have never heard of us at all and somehow stumbled through the woods to us, either way...we hope you enjoy.

                               "Drive In Movie Maniacs Presents Devil Doll"

     We are here for one reason, to continue to entertain with the highest possible quality we can offer with the goal to be apart of reviving the Late Night Horror Host genre and bring it to the next level. For 22 episodes (3 seasons) now, we have produced roughly 15 -25 minutes per episode of original content such as skits, music, interviews, jokes and more that we show in between that nights feature film. We have done this on a nano budget and with the help of other professionals who are willing to put in free time, unfortunately that can only take us so far. We want to reach the goals we have planned...and oh do we have things planned.

Your patronage will help us produce:
- More episodes per season
- Better Production Value
- New and bigger filming ideas 
- Help produce our own events and conventions
- Showcase a more diverse movie collection - which means special episodes with films that will require licencing fees
- A better website which will open the doors to digital and physical media distribution, video on demand and novelty items and more. 
- Rent for locations for shoots
- Traveling Project ideas
- A larger audience and more ways to watch the show

     Drive In Movie Maniacs is filmed locally in Kansas City on both the Missouri and Kansas side. We air in local areas such as Kansas City (Missouri and Kansas), Lawrence and Topeka. We were also recently picked up in New York. For non-local locations we are also on BizzareTV on Roku and also offer a weekly Facebook live stream. We are only on in certain areas at this point and wish to bring our show to as many markets as possible. With your help, we hope to expand our brand of Horror Hosting worldwide.

Thank You &
See You On The Dark Side
Terrible Tim and Drive In Movie Maniacs
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- Need the show in your hands?
At this level, receive the full catalog of episodes in full HD digital download form to watch at your own leisure from a SmartTV, USB stick, computer, phone or where ever can view a file. 
- Want to see it before everyone else?
This also includes early access to download new seasons a month before they debut.

*Files delivered by email through Dropbox link.

$18 of $500 per month
Our first step. This goal will help us keep our heads above the grave and expand such as…

  • More episodes, 2 or 3 more making it 10 – 11 episodes per season.
As of now we operate with a skeleton crew, each of us taking on many roles while contending with our personal lives. This would be the supplemental income that would allow us to spend more time and effort on this rather than other stuff.
  • Semi-major equipment upgrade
One of our biggest needs has always been audio. We do not have adequate audio equipment nor a person to capture it properly. Not only can we find someone to run the equipment we have right now but with this goal we should be able to also provide them with the proper equipment. One such item would be wireless lavaliere mics for our interview segments, along with other things such as field recorder, mic accessories, boom pole, etc.
This goal will also allow us to possibly rent any equipment we can’t justify buying at this point. This would entail lights, stands, props, etc. It isn’t too often we need to but it is becoming something that would make production easier and a more fulfilling end product.
  • Partial Merchandise release
Also at this point we should be able to start producing merch ideas such as
1. Clothing Items – T-Shirts
2. DVDs – We have a lot of episodes to release to dvd yet and want to deliver you a professional quality product. Now we will be able to start releasing consistently.

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