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What you'll receive from the Driving Food Home Girls:
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About The Driving Food Home Collective

"What I stand for is what I stand on." - Wendell Berry

Howdy! We are two authors of the Driving Food Home Collective, Sera Deva and Rachael Saland (and this is our sidekick, Wanda the Honda!). Our next journey is a continuation of Driving Food Home: Culture & Community, which was documented on our website in June & August of 2014. During Driving Food Home, Homesteads & (Her)story, we will be focusing primarily on sustenance farming and female-run operations. We will be visiting multiple operations across the country in a six week road trip across the south and up the east coast of the United States examining varied approaches to agricultural systems and communities. Our focus will primarily be in California, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and Kentucky.

In the broader picture, our project seeks to expand on the current conception of the implementation of agricultural practices of farms, homesteads, and food production systems in general in order to develop potential solutions to food systems issues in the current paradigm. In addition to continuing the Driving Food Home Publication, we are creating a forum entitled Young Farmers for Young Farmers (linked on our website) which will provide a network for young farmers to share experiences, discuss problems, solutions and practices that they have worked in systems. This will generate a community amongst young farmers to work together, learn from each other, and discuss whole system solutions. Moreover, emphasis will be put on young farmers including where they are geographically and the topography, climate, soils, and important information necessary when considering “place based agriculture.”

The funding we seek is from those who believe in our mission as strongly as we do. It will be put to our minimal traveling expenses and redirected towards the farmers we're writing about in the form of food purchases. Along with covering our operating expenses, our goal is to raise enough money to purchase a tour bus of sorts to be run on veggie oil for the next trek in Spring 2015 thru the Northeast. Although we are currently traveling in a sedan with wonderful gas mileage, fossil fuels are a dirty habit. We want to eliminate them from our traveling to make our adventures on the road truly as sustainable as the organizations we're promoting. Everything raised beyond $2,000 will be put towards a Magic School bus fund.

Thank you in advance for your support and understanding of the importance of this movement.

With love from the Road,
The Driving Food Homegirls
$774 of $6,000 per epic food journey.
This money will be put towards our gas habit (whoops) and redirected to the farmers we're writing about in the form of food purchases. In addition, everything raised beyond $2,000 will be put into a fund for the future purchase of a veggie oil tour bus, hopefully to be used in our next trek (across the Northeast) in Spring 2015.
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