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About Dr. Thomas Janossy

Dr. Thomas Janossy is a pioneer in the field of natural health – who has done groundbreaking work in the area of detoxification, anti-biofilm strategies and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. He has researched ketones at Sunnybrook Health Science Center at the University of Chicago, and worked as a neuroscientist performing research on the brain at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Experimental Medicine.

Dr. Janossy launched the first commercially available stem cell testing opportunity at the University of Toronto, and is the developer of the first natural anti-malaria product. In addition, Dr. Janossy holds a Veterinary Medicine degree from St. Stephen University in Budapest – which gives him a broader perspective on nutrition, sickness and health across many species. He is dedicated to helping patients achieve outstanding wellness revolving around a strong immune system, minimizing toxic burdens and improving our nutritional status. 

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