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About Dr.Mani

Hi, I'm Dr.Mani. Heart surgeon. Author. Fund raiser. And social entrepreneur...

I write and sell ebooks to help raise money to sponsor life-saving operations for under-privileged children born with heart defects.

You can join in - by pledging to support my writing!

That way, I can keep my focus on writing more books, selling more copies, and raising more money to fund even more heart surgeries.

I'm so excited you've found my Patreon page and want to join my close-knit community of caring patrons! As my patron, you'll be a part of an exciting, noble global effort to save little lives - and also get access to my best writing and info-products, some of them customized especially for you.

A share of profits from all book sales go towards helping a child live. These efforts have funded heart surgery in 147 children until August 2018, with many more to follow. This effort was made possible by a network of fantastic people just like you from around the world, patrons who have bought, read and enjoyed my books.

I look forward to you joining us in spreading word about this mission - and being a patron of my writing. Please bring our project wider recognition by telling your friends about this page and invite them to buy a few books - or join PATREON and get access to my writing.

As my patron, you'll get some pretty cool benefits.

You'll also spread CHD awareness.

And help save a child's life!

Isn't that a Good Deal?

Dr.Mani's Writing Includes...

  • Ebooks: Dr.Mani has authored over 65 ebooks since he first started writing and publishing ebooks in 1996. They span a range of subjects, and you can find a complete list of available titles in the Heart Book Store

  • Short Stories: Recently, the author-surgeon has tried his hand at writing short stories... and many of them have been well received. You'll see a collection of them on the Amazon.com Kindle eStore.
  • Freelance Writing: He writes special reports and research papers for a select group of clients, but is currently not accepting new projects.
  • PLR Content: If your budget doesn't stretch to custom-written content, you can get close to that value by buying one of Dr.Mani's affordable PLR content packs. 
  • Newsletter: Dr.Mani publishes a FREE semi-weekly email newsletter that has over 4,000 delighted subscribers who eagerly look forward to each instalment. Sign up for free on his website.

Dr.Mani also blogs extensively about various subjects including Travel, Self Improvement, Time Management, Books and Marketing. Be sure to sign up for updates and you'll be notified whenever a new post is up.
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Heart surgery for a child in India costs approximately $2,250.

For every $2,250 we raise through Patreon, one child will live!
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