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Hello Everyone!. I'm Rasha Mukhtar known as Drovan.
Welcome to my Page. To be honest I'm not used to Pateron Yet! But I will try to ^^"
I'm a Self-taught artist and pianist. Art is not my job, it's my true passion.
I want to make my dream come true by creating my first story "Reivianna" and make living from it. Even if it still in the beginning but I'm aiming for the pro level for this story. 

What I do:
I draw in different styles such as cartoon, anime, and portrait. I prefer semi-real 
but I like the anime style the most. I do free commissions from time to time as a practice.
Others may be priced according to the details.

What I Offer for your kind support:
Well, For now, I will be offering high-resolution videos and drawing original files to practice them after my lesson. As an example I was trying some videos with tips like this one below:

But i will make one with voice tips which may be more beneficial and great!

What i'm preparing:
A digital drawing lessons for beginners, and as trial will be in Arabic then i will shift to
Subbed or English ones. So, I'm doing it for fun and to achieve my dreams. 

My Official projects:
Reivianna is my current project that i 've been working on since 2007 beside my new webtoon " Behind the drawing scenes".
And as i'm a self taught artist it was hard to reach this level but i'm still aiming for the master level.
For "Reivianna", This story had two versions, the old which i was a beginner at that time and the new one which is a result of a lot mistakes, hard work and failures but i'm happy with it. 

Hope you will enjoy my Patreon even i'm still a beginner and keep up to my next offers! 

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I may buy either Microsoft surface pro 3 or Cintiq 21 
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