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is creating terrible music and art that is like... fine I guess.

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For 5 bucks, I'll paint a secret message of your choosing into whatever guitar project I'm currently working on.  (remotely civil, let's not go nuts).  Could be a picture of an animal, or a phrase or anything that tickles your fancy.  The choice is yours!
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For 10 clams, you'll get to request a new drunk cover each month.  PLUS a shoutout in the video, if you want.  Some people probably want to stay anonymous, but hey, I'm not here to judge.  I'm here to get drunk and play dumb videos. 




Oh man.  The prompt for this is, "Paint a compelling picture of how people can join you on this journey."  Well, my journey consists of getting shitfaced and playing covers of great songs.  Terribly. 

BUT I also paint guitars that some people have referred to as "not that bad" and "why did you put a sticker on it?"  In short, come join me on this booze fueled adventure into the arts.  We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll wake up in the morning and wonder what the fuck happened to the cello last night.  How did I lose a cello?  It was JUST here. 

Anyway, if you like the videos, awesome.  If you don't, I'm right there with you.  They're not great.  But I'll still make them, because it's a borderline compulsion at this point.  So why not sidle up with a glass of wine and watch someone else make an ass out of themselves for a change?  

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