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Thank you so much for supporting my Fantasy Friday project! (: 




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About dschunai

Heya! :D

I'm Gina, a self-taught fantasy artist living in the beautiful realm of Hessen, Germany.
A lot of you may also know me under my alias dschunai from my galleries on deviantArtFurAffinity and ArtStation.

I have been creating art for the majority of my life with fantasy art being my main passion – I love to draw dragons, gryphons, creatures, landscapes and so much more!
And this brings me to Patreon. If you also like what I do, here's the place to support me and my projects!

My Projects:

Fantasy Friday
is an ongoing project of mine that I started in late 2015 to get myself back to drawing after a long time of posting nearly nothing in years. So this project is there for me to create new personal works and to finish older works that I still like but couldn't get done back then. For this project I simply have to create something fantasy themed and post it every two weeks on Friday.
17 May 2019: My Fantasy Friday project has currently come to and end.

Relicts is a side project of mine that was also part of my Fantasy Friday project. In this series I explore mysterious remains of long forgotten unknown civilisations.

You only get charged for Fantasy Friday works that I post every two weeks on a friday!
WIPs, sketches, .psd files and other goodies are just an extra as a thank-you for your support! <3

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts