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About dubwise56

Hi, my name is Martin, and I make Rimworld mods, such as Dubs Bad Hygiene, Paint Shop, Mint Menus, Rimatomics, Rimefeller and MarsX. I also really like coffee and need more so i can keep on doing this!

Currently the main focus is on finishing my big mod MarsX, it's a total conversion to a technical nasa/spaceX style colony builder sim, all of my other mods are MarsX features that i rolled into vanilla mods, progress is going well and its looking fancy. My vanilla rimworld mods will mainly be getting bug fixes and polish for now, then once MarsX is out i will probably port a few more of its features out to vanilla mods.

Discord - I'm active every day, and available to answer questions about my mods or modding in general, and I post screenshots of stuff i'm working on mainly for mars right now.

Github - Contains releases for all of my mods, all up to date and all working with multiplayer.

Steam Workshop - Steam versions of all my mods, all up to date and all working with multiplayer. You can add me on steam if you want to dm questions
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