is creating sarcasm that rubes don't get.

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If you pledge $1, I'll make funny tweets for you. Will provide one Crystal Pepsi for me.
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You seriously don't get sarcasm and I appreciate that you are committed to giving me way more money than I deserve for internetting.

At this tier, you gain access to my soul for 30 seconds.
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WOW! You really care about my need to feed my family through internetting and I thank you for it. 

At this tier, I will create a hashtag with YOUR name in it. That way, all the internets will appreciate you.

This will also give my family at least 25 Crystal Pepsis.




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Good tidings. I'm on a quest to acquire soft drinks. You are on a quest to give people money. Let us converge these timelines to create the greatest Patreon of all time.

Also, we need Crystal Pepsi. I don't want to die without Crystal Pepsi.

$0 of $1 per month
If we reach $1, it probably won't change a thing about what I'm doing. All it will really do is fuel my desire to be paid for doing things I already do for fun. Everyone knows that money corrupts all, so corrupt me already and make this thing we love feel dirty inside.
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