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With an access to my Patreon stream, you'll follow a realtime behind the scenes of all the films I work on. I'm going to share with you all my work as an animator and a film director, my techniques and exclusive artworks from my projects.
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You'll have an early access to all the tools I develop, whether it's in beta test or final releases.
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About Duduf

Hello! I am Nicolas Dufresne, but you can call me Duduf!
I'm a French animator and film director, working at Rainbox, a film production cooperative, and I'm also the developper of Duik and other free softwares to help animation and motion pictures production.

What I do...

I'm always researching and developping new techniques for motion pictures production. I have a lot of softwares and tools in development that I can't wait to share with you and release for free, as I always do.
Also, I love to help animators and movie productions, making tutorials, answering questions on forums, giving the source files of what I do in my every-day work (animation, film direction).

I want to give you the opportunity to easily access all of this, and share my experience with you and all the community, on my website duduf.com. I want to share a lot of things with you!
  • My work and my techniques, on all the films I'll be working on (and, of course, the films themselves!). I want to share some kind of continuous behind the scenes documentary from real life, in real time.
  • My thoughts and my vision about the animation and movies industry in general.
  • The tools I develop, like Duik, under free software licenses.
  • An early access to all my tools in development. Some of them will be included in new versions of existing tools (like Duik), others will be released on their own (I can't wait to show you my Modular Drawing application and Ramses, a production management software!), and finally some of them are just developped for one specific project - for example, I developped an animated tree generator for a recent video I had to create. You'll get access to all of those, and be able to give me your suggestions and feedback so the tools will be shaped by you and for you!
  • The source files of my work (mainly Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Maya files, etc... But also images and designs), every time I can (meaning, when the production contracts allow me to do so).
All of this, and more, is and will be available on duduf.com (and here on Patreon), freely, for everyone.

About Patreon

I believe sharing techniques and knowledge is the best way to see better films, and this is my only goal when I work: all I want is to see films which will move me.

I'm very proud that some of my tools are very successful - Duik is downloaded 800 times per day! - and that you may have seen great animations using those tools (you can see a video showcasing some of them below).

All of this is free. Not anyone, no company ever paid to use my tools, nothing is sold, everything is shared for free.

Now, you can help support all of this free work with Patreon, in what seems the best way to earn the money I need without selling my tools and while continuing to share all I do for free.


You can see my work as an animator and director on the website of my cooperative, Rainbox, and you can have a chat with me on its forum too. I share my thoughts and what I do on my personnal website duduf.com.

Here is a showcase of some animations made with my rigging and animation toolset for After Effects, Duik:

Many, many thanks

I could not continue all what I do without you. And I like to think that you're not only helping me, but also a real part of the motion pictures community by supporting free sharing and free softwares, making sure they will always stay free. So, thanks again for considering Patreon-ing me! Every dollar helps.

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