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You may think it's not much but it honestly would mean a lot to me.

Really, every little bit helps for me and allows me to put more focus on the channel and content!

You get access to the timeline for things like what videos are in the works, updates, etc.   

You'll also get your name credited in the description, you'll be like an Associate Producer :P

Tora Lora!
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Again, this is much obliged and will go a huge way.  

You'll get your name in the description and also you can ask me any Rockstar Editor questions you may have or if you need tips for your own videos!  Also see new releases before they go public!
Ta be shure, ta be shure!
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Rightio, now you're being very generous.

  • Be credited at the end of the video.
  • Be credited in the description with a link to your channel.
  • After the initial video is released, you can see any unused or deleted footage with commentary as to why I made a decision exclusively before I put it on Youtube.




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About Duggy

Hey I'm Duggy and I absolutely love creating content both serious and comedic, long and short.  

I love making videos through GTA V's Rockstar Editor that push what can be done with the game as well as constantly pushing myself and entertain others, seeing people's reactions to my videos is what drives me to push myself to try and stay fresh.

These projects can be really time-consuming, especially as it is just me alone doing everything from recording to editing.  These donations can allow me to spend more time making more and bigger content!

A donation of any kind would really help in ensuring the future of the channel and in delivering new various content.  It would also honestly go far for me, my wife, and our animals to help ease the pressure of bills and rent.

2016 was an enormous year for me thanks to everyone.  With 2017, I want to push it even further with bigger and bolder videos, Phoenix is an example of that:

$75 of $100 per creation
With this goal, I hope to be able to dedicated myself more to creating larger and more elaborate cinematic videos!  Every little helps!
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