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About Enzo, Jose, and Luke

We are Dungeon Construction Co.
From the magical realm of Aufcentre comes the tale of a plucky little construction firm and the ordinary workers that keep its offices running, the dungeons lit, the treasure chests filled, and the monsters fed. Dungeon Construction Co.: We Build Adventure.

We are Button Mash Productions
Dungeon Construction Co. is brought to you by us, a group of artists, writers, musicians, drunkards, pirates, and interdimensional space blenders who have united under a single banner to take our silly ideas and make them into things that will hopefully make you laugh blow air through your nose really fast.

  • Enzo Comics of Cheer Up, Emo Kid.
    Creator, Writer, Artist, Senior Vice President of Karaoke
  • Jose D. Rojas of Button Mash Comics.
    Writer, Editor, Producer, Deputy General of Strip Cheerleading
  • Luke McKay of Balls2That and Rooster Teeth Comics.
    Writer, Artist, Chief Executive Beer Drinker

We hope you consider supporting us in our quest to make funny things. Thanks for reading!

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  • Early access to artwork and other bonus content.

  • Text chat access to the Dungeon Construction Co. community Discord server.
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Shadowspank's Protégé
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  • Early access to process videos.

  • Access to sketches, notes, rejected comics -- basically everything that happens behind-the-scenes.

  • Voice chat access to the Dungeon Construction Co. community Discord server.

  • All previous tier rewards.
Includes Discord rewards
Loremaster's Understudy
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  • Join the creators in a monthly group video chat! Ask questions about the comic, art, and writing, or just hang out, drink, and chat.

  • All previous tier rewards
Dumbledalf's Apprentice
Limited (10 of 10 remaining)
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  • Get an avatar of yourself drawn in the style of Dungeon Construction Co. and it will be displayed under each comic for the duration of your support.

  • Monthly one-on-one video chat with the creators. Once a month sit down and have a drink with us and discuss with or ask us anything you'd like.

  • All previous tier rewards.
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Corporate Synergy. Amplify your reach and audience bandwidth with this out-of-the-box expansion of your brand trajectory that coalesces marketing strategies with the bleeding edge of innovation -- probably.

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  • All previous tier rewards.

*subject to publisher discretion. Digital distribution only.

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