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Greetings weary traveler! Tired of non awesome paintings? Seeking unique limited edition coolness for your armory or spell chamber? Quest no further, Dungeonwears has opened its Patreon vault to you, yes you, our killer patrons for exclusive art madness. From the crazed artist (Garrett Faith) who brought you the wizard kitten sticker, Mustang Cthulhu t shirt, and the ever popular sexy pizza comes a new kind of interwebs wonder to capture your artistic cravings! So take part in a hearty high five and pull your stool up to the fire… it’s art time.

Two years ago, Dungeonwears opened its doors of coolness and my success thus far has afforded me the great honor of reaching so many local hearts with my artwork. This has been a real dream come true and Dungeonwears is ready to give the world beyond our home realm of North Carolina a shot at taking part in our fine art awesomeness, which is where Patreon comes in.

Joining the quest (kicking in some coinage) will help keep your favorite artist’s studio running at full steam, in order to bring affordable fine art with a heaping side of pun-tastic humor to all corners of the land. Being a freelance artist and part time dragon slayer is not as glamorous as it seems and hey, there are puppies to feed as well.

Da Facts

So if you want to be one of those cool kids (come on you know you want to) then just simply pledge a Loot Tier and start getting your art on. Here at Dungeonwears we solemnly pledge that each reward level will be teeming with awesomeness!

In Tier one, “Become a Dungeon Crawler”, for just a buck you will be privileged to the “feed”: a slew of continuous (depending on werewolf hunting schedule) informs, where you will find behind the scene sketches, puppy pics*, voting contests on monthly painting subjects, as well as bikini shots of yours truly (ok maybe not on the bikini pics). Now let's really get that coin purse open and take a look at the all-powerful Tier 5 “Dungeon Masters Vault”, where the lucky patron will be privileged to all other tier loot plus exclusive access to the vault and all its art booty!

We truly appreciate all the support from our dungeon crawlers, especially the legion of previous members who have already have our fine art works adorning their hearths. Remember, this Patreon is not just for the fledgling crawler… it is a great way for all of you to be in the know on all things Dungeonwears and pick up some exclusive loot too! All works are original hand forged digital paintings made right here in my art studio! View all works on the website, peep the Instagram, follow the Facebooks, you the know the drill! And now you can truly join the quest and become a Dungeon Crawler… let’s make some art magic people!

*Actual artist and actual puppy!
1 of 500 patrons
Join the quest! Help Dungeonwears reach its first goal of 500 Patreon Crawlers and the awesomeness flood will be unleashed! More updates, more puppy pics and even secret loot will be included in the $5+ tiers! If you don’t gear up on Dungeonwears, 100 cave imps will lose their wings and you don’t want that on your hands, do yah?

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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