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  • The amount of sketches will vary depending of the time I have for drawing.
  • I draw digital and traditional.
  • I'm open to suggestions, but always about something I know of. 
  • I'm learning to draw comic, so sometimes you'll see some comic strips of personal projects or fan comics.

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About Loro

Hi hi! 👋

I'm Loro and I'm a self-taught illustrator and character designer located in southern Spain (Andalusia). I'm also learning how to draw comics!

So, what's this about?

I'm always drawing a lot of sketch dumps (sometimes I post some of them), but the vast majority don't see the light of day. Then I thought of doing something ecological: recycle.
I will be sharing all of my sketches with you!

What kind of content you can expect from me?

That's hard to answer. Depends on the stuff I'm into, but I also draw original content (when I'm feeling like it.)
But I'm trying to work more on personal projects and I'm planing on doing a comic, and if everything goes alright, keeping in that path.

We all need money, right? 💶

And I'm no different. I'd like to be able to live while doing what I love. I still take commissions from time to time, but it's not enough to pay my expenses.
Having a regular monthly payment would help me a great deal and, in the future, I'd like to do physical art-books and other goodies! 

If you have any doubt or want to ask something, send me an email here: 
► [email protected]

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