is creating responses to anti-islam polemics
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About Durkastan

Durkastan is a place where young Muslims enhance their critical thinking skills and expand their knowledge with the help of undergrad/grad college students studying subjects of Islam. The goal of Durkastan is to combat anti-Islam polemics originating in many disciplines whether it be criticisms from orientalists or inept philosophers. Durkastan does this through organizing learned volunteers to refute prominent Islamaphobes on platforms like YouTube.

From our founder, Asadullah Ali.

I just want to say that the purpose of this project is for the sake of combating anti-Islam apologetics and sentiments in the virtual world. Durkastan has been my brainchild for some time after I saw the rise of the alt-right uniting behind the Kekistan virtual country. So, we thought -- why can't Muslims do the same? Hence, Durkastan was born as a counter to the Islamophobia industry and a means to unite Muslims online. The name "Durkastan" was chosen to claim ownership of the the racist rhetoric of Islamophobes.
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