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You're a fan of 'trainer' games.  You may not be able to afford much, but you'd like to support the effort.  Thanks!
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Our $5 tier.  This is the basic tier that entitles you to select updates from our development stream.
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Our $10 tier.  We would love to have patrons sustaining us at this level of contribution.  This makes a real, material difference in our ability to deliver quality work.




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We're on Patreon to help fund and sustain the development of our mature visual novels.

Our games take the form of a combination RPG and dating/sim trainer games.  You will need to develop yourself and your skills at the same time that you try to build and run a profitable business without ruining your good family name. 

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your support and patronage!  It means the world to everyone on the team and makes the continued development of the games possible.  We're beyond grateful, we actually love you and want you to bear our children.
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At $600 a month, I'll be able to pay for about four static character sketches a month.  Yes, this has gone up.  Yes, it's because I'm paying a lot more for the art.
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