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Hi everyone, I'm DWTerminator and I make mostly gaming-related videos on YouTube. I'm most known for my brutally honest video game reviews, but I do other things as well.

What you can find on my channel...

  • By far the most content I produce is my series of reviews of video games, both classic (released in 2000 or earlier) and modern (released in 2001 or later). The latter of these have scores on a 0-5 point scale of recommendation (0 being an unfathomable abomination and 5 being a "must own" title for any gamer) that serves not as an empirical value, but rather a general summary of what I think about it. More recently I've also started doing an extremely irregular series of "Reviews Redux," where I take another look at some of the games I reviewed a long time ago and bring those old reviews up to my modern quality standards (basically what I established around 2013-2014).
  • Right behind the reviews, in terms of amount of channel content, are the "My Thoughts On..." (MTO, for short) videos, in which I go over my opinions on a given topic. I also do this for demos, alphas/betas, or otherwise incomplete gaming experiences, including games that I can't complete for whatever reason.
  • Gameplay clips, including "How to Fail" videos in which I fail miserably at playing video games... or sometimes the games themselves fail miserably.
  • Questions & Answers videos, in which I answer viewers' questions about just about anything they want to ask me. These tend to be pretty irregular as I make them whenever I get enough good questions to answer.
  • Live-narrated Let's Plays, on occasion. Mostly when I have uninterrupted time to do so... which is very rare these days, unfortunately.
  • "Games That Infuriate Me to No End," a highly irregular series of rants in which I ramble about various games in an irritated fashion for your viewing pleasure. A similar kind of highly irregular series I do is "Mystified Mondays," in which a game so utterly baffles me that I can't find a way to review it or even have enough fully-developed thoughts to do a normal MTO.
  • "DWTerminator's Tabletops," an irregular series in which I talk about various tabletop games, mostly tabletop role-playing games.
  • Guides and tutorials, if I'm asked to. These tend to be pretty irregular too since I don't get a lot of requests for them.
  • Miscellaneous videos about a wide variety of things (for example, I've done a couple on video game packaging), on occasion.
  • And more!

Okay, so what's your story?

I started doing this as a hobby in April 2008 and over the years I've gained a pretty sizable following. It's been a long ride and I've grown older and wiser as well as improved as a reviewer and video editor. It's broadened my perspective as a gamer and introduced me to genres and games that I wouldn't have played or even heard of myself before this. I've always done this because I enjoy doing it and it's not currently my full-time job, nor did I ever think it would be. The amount of time and effort I put into the channel is, however, quite significant. Even with the fairly simple editing I do, reviews take a good 2-6 hours to record audio for and completely edit on average, depending on how complex the review gets, and that's not to mention the time spent thoroughly playing the games and getting things ready before I even start the editing process, recording footage for the videos, or even rendering the videos and uploading them. It's also normal for me to spend an hour or more each day responding to comments on the channel. Like I said, I keep doing it all because I enjoy doing so, even when bad games come along, but considering I try to keep to a schedule of 2 reviews a week (Mondays and Saturdays) in addition to other types of videos, it all adds up.

I fully disclose when I've been sent a game for reviewing, whether it be by someone involved in the creation of the game or a viewer who just really wanted to help out with the channel or really wanted me to review a certain game. Everything else I have to buy myself. Games, recording equipment, editing and graphics software, computer hardware, internet service... all of it costs money that I quite simply have a very limited supply of. The reality is this: with my current income, I simply can't afford to drop $50 or $60 on the latest games all the time and I have to set money aside often months in advance for even the simplest hardware purchases. Living expenses always take precedence over gaming, after all. So I have to be frugal with my purchases, both gaming and otherwise, which in turn means sometimes it takes weeks, months, or even years for me to get to certain titles, pick up new or replacement hardware, and so on.

Since I’m always up-front about this sort of thing, several of my viewers have suggested I set up ways for them to help me and the channel out. One of these methods is Patreon, and since some viewers expressed interest in it, I decided to set one up.

So how could (and how has) Patreon change(d) things?

If you’re worried that this might change the manner in which I make my videos, you can rest assured that my (in)famous, brutally honest approach is never going to change. What might change, depending on the amount of funding, is what gets covered in the videos I make. For example, I might be able to afford to pick up a new release people really want me to cover instead of having to wait until it goes on a deep discount weeks, months, or even years down the line. Regardless, all revenue from the Patreon will go directly into funding the channel itself.

Already the Patreon funding has helped tremendously with broadening the channel's horizons and improving the visual quality. Thanks to backers' support, I've been able to pick up a new monitor allowing for 1080p video, a capture card to record console footage, and even branch out considerably from my comfort zone and delve into Playstation reviews. From here, who knows where it can go?

If by some incredible degree of generosity the funding manages to reach a high enough level, not only would I be completely overwhelmed (frankly I’m already overwhelmed by the support and generosity of my viewers even without Patreon funding, but if you want to completely blow my mind, feel free), but I would even be able to see about working on the channel full-time. That’s entirely up to you guys.

So is there anything special I can get by being a Patron?

Sure! Even the smallest donation gets you not only my undying thanks (yes, that sounds corny, but I’m completely serious), but I’ll let you in on what I’m working on any given week… maybe even give you some hints on reviews that’ll be coming out on special occasion (I do like to surprise with those, after all). I'd prefer to let people pledge what they feel is appropriate, but I’m open to suggestions as well, should you have an idea for a tier or stretch goal.

I've always been rather big on dialogue with my viewers, so if there's some type of video or topic for one you really want to see, feel free to let me know, whether you’re a patron or not. And should you decide to become a patron, thanks for your support.
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One of the more annoying things about the channel is that I generally don't review the latest games due to their high cost. In the US, that's currently $59.99 + sales tax (and shipping, if needed), and I, in my attempts to be frugal with what little disposable income I currently have, usually end up waiting until they're around $15 or less. At this level, I would be able to pick up at least one new release a month, barring other, more pressing issues. And if nothing's really coming out that month that people want to see me cover, I can always save it toward something else.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 265 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 265 exclusive posts

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