Egor Dyatlov

is creating Сообщество интеллигентных людей для взаимного совершенствования

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The Stoic Academy
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The Stoic Academy was created for those of you who are not afraid of challenges. 

We will be undergoing weekly scince-based challenges, which will help us improve our mental and physical abilities. We will share our results. Both successes and failures. And soon it will make us a lot more tough and worthy of the things we think we deserve.

The access is limited - hurry up, only 100 places are available.

The BOTW Club
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THE BOTW CLUB provides educational twice-a-week videos on various non-fiction books and ways of application of knowledge obtained through them.

The Reader's CheatSheet
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The Reader's CheatSheet gives you access to the most cutting-edge techniques for speeding up the process of your learning by a lot. 

Here we are covering:

1) Speed Reading Techniques;

2) Skimming Techniques And When To Use Them;

3) Reading Efficiency;

4) Memory Tricks;

5) Which Books To Read And How;

6) How To Apply The Knowledge;

7) Reading Rituals And Routines;




Образовательная система убивает в нас личность. Эту проблему я осознал несколько лет назад, и она лишь нашла подтверждение во время моего обучения в университете.

Многие мудрые люди, от Платона до Бенджамина Франклина, от Спинозы до Ницше, видели эту проблему насквозь, когда они говорили о том, что невозможно учить при помощи навязывания хаотичных мыслей и фактов. Я думаю, многие из нас когда-либо задавались вопросом: "А, собственно, для чего мы это изучаем?" Ведь нам, в действительности, никогда и не объясняли цель получения многих знаний.

Современная школьная система существует не более 1,5 века. Но каких же ужасных результатов она сумела достичь за этот короткий срок! Она создавалась во времена Индустриальной революции с целью обеспечить постоянный приток послушных работников для заводов, и солдат, всегда готовых к повиновению приказам.

Многие возразят, что  They don't teach all the necessary things that can actually help us survive and thrive! When was the last time you learned about what smart people do to grow their knowledge, business, etc? They think these things are not important, but they are wrong!

My goal here is to do the dirty work for you. I'm going to study each book very thoroughly, compile good ideas, tips, and tricks from the world's most successful philosophers, entrepreneurs, investors, etc., and present them to you, so that they can bring you VALUE, and develop you as a person.

I know that by making the access free to everyone I will reach a wider audience, but the whole point of development will be missing, because from my personal experience, people (and me as well) rarely pay attention unless they have to give something up. I remember vividly when I paid $69/month for one online program, and $49/month for the other, even $197 for the course on E-commerce. But I don't regret it at all.

Moral perfection is well worth it. But we have to start with a firm basis of knowledge and insight. That’s why, I think, it is so important to begin with books 📖!

Let's not forget:
1) Jeff Bezos started Amazon as a book-selling company.
2) Warren Buffett reads 500 pages a day, although he is approaching his 90s.
3) Bill Gates is famous for his book recommendations on YouTube.

That is why I'm launching the 2-Books-A-Week Show.

Later on, I'll introduce some other courses based on the knowledge of the greatest philosophers, scientists, psychologists, as we reach a good enough audience here.

Remember, The UNITED VIRTUE CLUB was created only for those who are in constant search for improvement. If you're not that type of person - this challenge will be unbearable for you. But if you are, don't skip or overlook it. Get in - you will not regret it.

Together we are stronger, and challenges that we'll face will be easier when we are UNITED.

And at the end of the day, if we learn from each other, we'll allow ourselves to cultivate certain qualities, which will make us strong and virtuous.
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