is creating Illustrations, paintings, fanart, crafts, and tarot readings.
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|| Full Resolution Art ||

  • Instagram messes with the quality of the art, so all digital art will be posted here in its full resolution for everyone to see for FREE.

|| Monthly Updates ||

  • I'll post about some potential plans I have coming up, ideas, other things. Just some ramblings about what I want to do.

|| Monthly Tarotscopes ||

  • You've heard of Horoscopes, and this is kinda the same thing, except a tarot reading. You'll get one of these a month

|| Video and Art Voting ||

  • Whenever I need help coming up with video ideas or concepts, you all will be among the first people I ask!

|| Occasional Extra Perks ||

  • This could mean something like early access to big projects, store discounts, or limited edition Patreon-Only art. Basically, extra fun little goodies for y'all to enjoy.




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About Dyoptica

Hello! My name is Toni! I'm a painter, illustrator, tarot reader, and vlogger based in the United States. Watercolor is my favorite medium to work in, though I do love to experiment. 

Most everything I post here will be for free, but patrons will get a couple of extra perks.

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