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What is Dyscord?
"Given the strength and prowess you can only dream of, mortals were given the opportunity to fight,live, and strive beyond their wildest imaginations. With the catch that they're also living in a world that wants to kill them."
Dyscord is a 2D animated web-series based around ancient greek mythological elements.

Why should I watch it?
  • World wide action and adventure
  • LGBTQ+ themes
  • Diverse characters
  • Diverse personalities
  • Magical/Fantasy elements
  • (appropriate)Adult themes

Is it free?

Of course it's free! That's why it's on NewGrounds and YouTube 

If it's free, why do you need a Patreon?
It's free to watch but not free to make. Any money given generously through patreon will be used to keep Dyscord up and running. Which includes but is not limited to
  • Voice actors
  • Music
  • Animation software
  • etc.

I want to help but I have no money to pledge.
That's okay, I completely understand. If anything, you can still share this page with other people. You can also take off ad-block when watching. It's easy and free to do :).
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I can make a PG-13/RATED R show. 
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