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Yep, We're doing it... sorta... more of a reboot than a direct sequel.
Why make the same game twice?
Even if you haven't heard of us, in our own little community people have been asking for this for a while, and we've consistently told them we would eventually, so here we go.

We dont expect you to support us on Patreon with nothing to offer, this page has been set up in advance to give you all an idea of what we're up to.
Keep in mind, if you do pledge, this is an ongoing monthly pledge thing, not a one off, just keep it in mind, you can however stop/start the monthly thing whenever you like

On September 9, 2005,a group of game developers from Australia and around the world released the first public version of the Half-life 2 mod Dystopia. It was well received, well reviewed & we had a blast both making and playing it, we continued supporting it for quite some time but eventually real-life called and we had to stop development.
We want to reboot the game, rebuild it from scratch in a modern engine (UE4) and give you all a new chance to Jack In & Kick Ass.

We're going to make a new game called DYS & we'd love your support to do it, If you can't that's okay, We're gonna make it regardless, hopefully you love it.

Accept no imitations.

So you're probably wondering why we would make a patreon page for a commercial game, fact of it is, DYS won't be a commercial game, at least not in the traditional sense, the game itself will be free. We're asking you to support us if you feel like it here, but it'll be free to play and that's pretty much it :)

We're the guys (or at least some of them) that made Dystopia in the first place, termi was here from the start, We've also roped in a couple of other people from the community to help and lend feedback too, Like Rob (TomSawyer)

Tim 'termi' Grant - Design/Artist/UI/Gameplay
Marcel 'atomy' Lamm - Stats / Server / IT Support
Rob 'TomSawyer' Community Support
Ian 'Lez' Nicholls - Writing/ Community Support
We've also Gotten the blessings of both Fuzzy & Teddy; the other co-creators of the original game. as well as Bioxeed, Feanix, Grafix & A bunch of other developers that have been involved over time.

So here's why we're doing a Patreon, We're gonna make this whether we have the funds to do it or not.
Development will essentially be an adhocracy You can go read what that means in the link, but for us it essentially means we will chip away at making this thing at our own pace, with each of us filling different roles as needed; If this sounds scary and unreliable to you, the only think I can say is this is how we did it for the original Dystopias development, if you're unsure about contributing to our Patreon, please don't :)

What Game Engine are you guys using ?Why not use the Source Engine ?
  • We're focused on delivering the best experience possible for DYS, The source engine came out quite some time ago, so we're upgrading to a newer engine.
  • If the engine you're suggesting isn't out yet or is still early in development but available, you've answered your own question. We want to start work now.
  • If you're suggesting Unity, some of us use it for our day jobs, We're going for a change with Unreal Engine 4.
How much are you charging ?
  • The game will be free, plain and simple, If you think it deserves your support, support us here :)
When is it coming out ?
  • We'll release, update and maintain at our best speed, If we aren't going quick enough for you, unsubscribe, No hard feelings, but rest assured we're doing our best, but we cant promise anything (yet)
Is this a Puny Human Game ?
  • No, A few years after Dystopia was released by Team Dystopia, Some of us formed Puny Human Games and maintained the game for a while, We also made a couple of games ( Blade SymphonyGalacide) under that banner since then.
  • This project however is not associated with Puny Human 
What if I used to be a supporter for the original game?
  • Thanks for your support back then, we wish we could offer you something to say thanks, So heres DYS for free.

If we've missed any questions get in touch with us here on patreon, or twitter, or join our discord
22 of 25 patrons
Hitting this goal, We slowly start having the ability to pay for smaller development expenses like smaller assets and software license expenses
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