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Hi!  My name is Michael.  I make comics and other art and I stream some of my drawing sessions on Twitch.  I love making art, and I would love to keep making art. That's where you come in.  But before I get to the ask, let me tell you about myself.

When I'm not in my basement studio spilling digital ink everywhere, I'm a full-time stay at home dad for a 3-year-old genius in the making. I believe in the vital role of parental support during formative years, so I pour everything I have into my time with my daughter.  Parenting doesn't pay the bills, though.  So, after a long day of chasing after an energetic preschooler, I hunker down in the basement to make art to sell.

Making art on commission is the easiest way to get paid making art, but it is incredibly irregular work.  Some months I may make a few hundred dollars, other months I'll make nothing at all.  It's difficult to plan any savings when you can't project any future income.  Essentially every dollar earned is used to offset a future month of low sales.

Another problem with art by commission is that I'm not making art for me. My artistic vision is taking a back seat to what the client wants.  The collaborative effort is rewarding in its own way, don't get me wrong.  I enjoy working with my customers.  But there's less room for me to explore my own interests as an artist because I have to give priority to work that will earn me money now rather than work that might never sell to anybody.

If my income came with more regularity, it would allow me to give all my attention to my daughter without worry. It would give me the security to save money for the future of my family. It would allow me to spend more time working on art with a purpose, rather than art with commercial value. 

Please, consider providing your patronage.  I don't need a lot--just $200 per month would make a huge difference in my family's sustainability.  That's only 20 patrons at the $5 level.  At that level, you get access to a monthly private drawing session and the resulting image, as well as early previews of works in progress. With your support, I can keep making art and keep trying to be the best dad I can be.  Thank you.
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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  -Lao Tzu
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